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Over the years, STANDARDS CENTRAL formulated and introduced a ground breaking model for Business Transformation in the hospitality and business sector that not only addresses the challenges establishments face in making performance, productivity and efficiency happen on the ground, but also preparing the stage for Quality Assurance & Standard Setting.

This model is based on the belief that the key to operational excellence lies firmly in the implementation and execution of well formulated operational strategies yielding predictable outcomes and measurable results. 

These outcomes and results can only be achieved through the alignment (or re-alignment) of an adjusted purpose, clear vision and a collaborative set of operational values based on Total Quality & Best Practice Management principles. 

This is where STANDARDS CENTRAL’s unique operations management  toolkit in Human Capital Investment raises the bar for our clients - ultimately to reach and exceed business objectives and strategic organisational goals THROUGH THEIR PEOPLE.

Our relationships with clients are built on results and the understanding that the highest form of quality and standards are always attained and maintained in everything we do. 

At STANDARDS CENTRAL we are driven by accomplishments as highlighted in our product and service offering. It’s all about rewriting the notion of Peak Performance in business!!!

Meet The Director

Johann Jurgens, CEO

Johann Jurgens, CEO

Position Chief Executive Officer

About STANDARDS-CENTRAL was the brainchild of a man with a vision to change the circumstances in which we all go about earning our existence, Johann Jurgens (PNLP-CYFC). Starting out as a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Johann soon became known by many as a well respected motivational speaker, business coach and peak performance strategist. Having authored the blueprint of countless personal and professional successes and achievements for his clients through various on-stage presentations, seminars, teachings and coaching engagements, he’s now steering the STANDARDS-CENTRAL flagship towards becoming the leader in business transformation innovations in hospitality, not only on home turf, but throughout Southern Africa, Africa and Globally.